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Happy chefs on our 8 week cookery course

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“Just a few lines about last Wednesdays course obviously you know my opinion on certain veg but you over ruled us and had us prepare this dish. I have to say I have never tasted parsnips like them before. So much so I have prepped the dish at home for dinner this week end.”

“Yes like you I have used the most up to date cooks implements that being sawn off drain pipes. I ask you. Right on to the real business have you got us the follow up course sorted for September? Don’t forget you have 5 confirmed spaces should be on commission for this. Anyway if this message is not read by either nearly chef Simon and full chef Russ (They know the joke about this comment) I have to say even a numpty like me had learn’t more than I could imagine in the past 6 weeks some of it even about cooking and I think your humour and actual teaching methods only enhance the learning capabilities of some one like me who can burn water but just needs the confidence to try something new.”

S. Broadhead

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