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Wine discovery


As part of the effort to get me tidy and organised at home the wife has waged war on the office / dining / storage room which other than a path through to the computer has pretty much remained as it has the day we moved in 16 months ago! The big purge began with the recyling of lots of old newspapers and magazines and several trips to the charity shops with books and outgrown kids toys… all the usual stuff you find in the spare junk room.

One of the last places we got to between the book case and the window was a big stack of wine boxes. As a wine merchants access to empty boxes is easy as they make perfect storage when moving – strong, well taped and of a good size to store enough without overfilling and rupturing a hernia. The top 2 boxes were indeed filled with books, more books, assorted stuff and the obligatory collection of keys and flat batteries. The bottom case was a welcomed surprise containing 10 bottles of mixed wine! A bit like finding a £20.00 note in a pair of old trousers you have not worn in a year.

Vague memories of stuffing bottles from the old coal cellar into boxes returned but I thought all the bottles had been accounted for and now sitting in the pantry at the new house. There were a few bottles of unknown labels – most likely gifts from friends – mostly everyday stuff. The nod of appreciation came to the surviving bottle of Savigny les Beaune 1er Cru 1993 (last of a very enjoyable case of 12 I purchased when funds were free flowing) and a bottle of Chablis Grand Cru 1990. Thankfully in the haste to pack the wine cellar I had the foresight to unconsciously put them upside down in the boxes to keep the corks moist. Levels look very good and the colour on both looks rich, strong and even with no apparent signs of separation.

If you have any similar stories we would love to hear them.

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