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A cracking night last night

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“Sometimes it really is better to let others do the hard work, especially if those others are the experts in what they do. A great example of this would be the excellent choices of food and wine that my wife and I had at the Fizz into Spring Dinner, last Night at B’s & B’s. ”

“Having been to several such events I was not surprised that the food, wines and presentation, were to an excellent standard, easily the match of many a quality restaurant. What really makes these events special for me though is that the hard work of choosing wines and foods, that really compliment each other, is done by the experts. I also appreciate receiving (just enough) information on the process to help inform my own future choices.”

“As well as having perfectly matched food and wine (two wines with the main course for added interest!) , there are also some practical benefits. For me, these include sampling more wines than one could practically order for two people at one sitting and the removal of the temptation to order expensive bottles, in the often vain hope, that one will get something a bit special. In fact a couple of last nights wines showed just how good sensibly priced wines can be. Notably the Pinotage, which punched well above it’s £8.60 weight, in my humble opinion and worked a treat with the lamb.”

“Great food, great wine, great value – Cheers!”

Ivan Marsden
TSG Media Programming & Systems

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