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Leaping Lizard Shiraz, Australia

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Being keen to recycle it was with delight when the dregs of an open sample bottle left by the wine maker found its way to my desk last night. The wine in question was Leaping Lizard Shiraz by Ferngrove, Australia. We have listed their other wines but this was first sight of the Leaping Lizard range.

Squeezing a glass and a bit from the bottle the wine was left to warm. The dog was paying particular attention as it sat in the glass (the wine not the dog) warming and releasing the typical blackcurrant spied aromas. His nose twitching overtime – although it didn’t need a sniffer dog to pick up on the big aromas being released from the glass.

The Shiraz (14%) showed all the ripe, fruit forward characteristics of Australian Shiraz. Big, spiced, dark berry fruits, rubbed bramble leaf and a somewhat oily texture and lip-smacking tang on the finish. Having been off actual drinking of wine for a few weeks the warm glow of the alcohol took effect and relaxed me close to sleep (it was late and the day had been busy).

Leaping Lizard Shiraz is a great wine which I thoroughly enjoyed and hopefully we will be seeing this listed on our shelves in the not too distant future.

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