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Election fever – an alternative form of voting

news personalised wine labels

We have created our own straw poll for the outcome of the 2010 General Election with our 3 bottles of wine with personalised labels representing each of the main parties.

They are a straight choice between the heavy red from the New World by New Labour, Lantana Shiraz Cabernet from NSW Australia. The label reads: “New Labour. New World. Everyone’s recent favourite but are tastes starting to change and people demanding something different?”

The Conservatives are being represented by a classical dry fruity white from the classical region of Bordeaux… a punchy white with good length. The label reads: “Old School Tie. Old World. After so much New World for so long is it time for the old guard to come back into favour?”

Finally, the local candidate Nick Clegg and his Liberal Democrats is represented by a Spanish Rose, Fruity and pale in colour with that Mediterranean bite. The label reads: “The other choice. Seen as the middle of the road but recent developments have pushed rosé to the forefront of everyday interest”

The limited edition labels are available until Thursday 6th and are all priced at £9.75 per bottle. There is a maximum of 500 bottles of each variety and the results will be announced early on Friday 7th May.

General Election wine bottles

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