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Accompany your meals and light snacks with a bottle of Petit Chablis

burgundy chardonnay petit chablis wine

With its freshness and vitality, Petit Chablis, Chablis Wines’ premier appellation, is anything but small
A fresh, dry, tangy wine, Petit Chablis is the perfect accompaniment for light snacks, barbecues, brunches and picnics. For wine lovers, it goes beautifully with pressed or cooked cheeses, such as Gruyère, or fresh goat’s cheese. It compliments marinated fish and shellfish perfectly, and can also be paired with the local specialities of the Burgundy region, such as ham with chopped parsley or smoked salmon.

With a floral bouquet and citrus notes on a mineral base, the particular characteristics of this appellation are a result of the combination of a unique limestone soil and a specific climate due to the exposure of the plateau where the chardonnay grape is planted.

Petit Chablis accounts for 16% of the Chablis production. It is best enjoyed cool (between 8 and 10°C) and while still relatively young (less than two years old). Among the three other appellations, Petit Chablis is excellent value for money and will delight all gourmet food lovers.

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