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Hungarian wines tasted

hungarian wines wine

Teleki Kekfrankos : 2008
Ruby red in colour with good clarity. Slightly over tannic red berry fruit on nose distinctive. Tart on the palate with over compensated acidity balance. Green tannin showing through medium to long finish with balance tilted slightly to acidity. Quality wine but in need of another 12 months before tannins are approachable.

Teleki Merlot : 2008
Ruby to garnet in colour very clear in glass with good weight. Nose of red fruit balanced with a hint of herb
rounded and well balanced onm the palate warm fruit and very good length of finish. A little young requiring 6 to 12 months longer before tannins become mellow. Good to drink 2011

Chateau Teleki Villayni Cabernet Franc : 2007
Deep garnet colour showing excellent weight in the glass, bright clear, good presence Aroma of red fruit and a hint of savoury smooth softer on the palate than the nose would suggest but pronounced tannins good length and heavy tannins on the finish leaving long fruit flavours

Chateau Teleki Villayni Cabernet Sauvignon : 2007
Deep Garnet colour with a hint of terracotta pronounced core to rim heavy tannic nose with high fruit content rounded black fruits and vanilla with prominent oak showing forward ripe rich fruit on palate but background of tannin masking fruit on the finish to leave the palate over dry. Good wine tasting young and Not ready to drink until 2012.

Chateau Teleki Prestige Cuvee Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot / Cabernet Franc : 2007
Crisp and vibrant with deep plum colour showing hints of garnet to edge a little green on the nose with a slight sulphur tingle. High tannin content showing the quality of fruit with fruit and deep tannins showing on the palate with green tannins still showing very youthful tones potential to age for a long period up to 12 years. Good drinking 2014 to 2019. Tannins need to soften before the market will take to the wine in a big way but with bottle age could be stunning wine.

Chateau Teleki Prestige Cuvee Cabernet Franc / Merlot / Cabernet Sauvignon : 2007
New oak. Rich garnet with deep bright glossy presence in the glass good legs appealing aroma of spice and warm alcohol good quality fruit showing through tannin still forward needs maturity to soften on palate 5 to 7 years new oak causing wine to be dominated by tannin rather than fruit which makes it difficult to market in the UK. Potential to be stunning 2013 onwards. Drinking 2013 to 2015. Could go on beyond this time

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