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New mulled wine website launched – warming you up for Christmas

christkindl gluhwein mulled wine wine

Mulled Wine - Christkindl Gluhwein

Time to face the fact that the nights are drawing in, leaves will soon be falling and the dark, cold nights are descending upon us. To cheer everyone up we have just launched – a site dedicated to bringing some bonhomie to you over the festive period.

We have been importing our mulled direct from the heart of Germany for over 20 years from producer Franz Stettner. His Christkindl Gluhwein, the German name for mulled wine, is based upon a secret recipe of cinnamon, cloves and oranges (even we do not know the exact combination of spices) artfully blended with a quality red wine. Quite often a poor base wine is used as the starting point and this is false economy. A poor starting point requires additional spices to be infused for longer leaving an undrinkable, over the top, pungent drink that is best avoided at all costs. By start out with a “proper” red wine as his base he has nothing to hide, no dodgy flavours to mask so the spice infusion is gentle and relaxed.

Served warm, mulled wine makes a fantastic winter drink. The hot drink gets the blood flowing and the spices seem to cut through the chill to bring an warming, enjoyable experience to the winter gloom. Visit any German Christmas market and you can bet your lederhosen that mulled wine is being served to the visitors to keep them warm and happy walking around the Christmas stalls. Gluhwein is traditionally served with “lebkuchen” – a gingerbread style biscuit often with iced decoration.

Our 1 litre bottles come pre-mixed. Just open, heat and serve. There are no sachets of spices to mix, no bags of wood chippings to infuse – the wine maker has carefully blended all the spices and the red wine ready for you to enjoy.

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