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A fabulous team building day had by all in Chesterfield

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A letter of gratitude from a happy team builder :

“I’m sorry it has taken some time for me to respond to your email however I didn’t want to rush my reply as I wanted to make sure I properly recorded our gratitude for the fabulous time you provided for my group of family and friends.”

“Only a couple of people knew about the originally planned dining coach so when things changed at the last minute nobody knew about what was to eventually happened. It was a tremendous experience; your warm welcome to us, the wine tasting or should I say the wine guzzling, the marvelous food and the lovely atmosphere you and your team created for us made it a day to remember.”

“We have had phone calls, genuine thank you letters and thoughtful gifts from all of our guests with the exception of one who has complained we have set the entertainment bar too high for anyone else to compete!”

“So there we have it, out of a last minute panic came something that we all will remember for a very long time and it seems to me in addition to the Children’s Hospital there were a lot of winners from a chain of generosity that you were an integral part of; my sincere thanks.”

J Doran

Further details on team building days in Chesterfield

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