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Lonesome Matt’s Penderyn whisky tasting

penderyn distillery Tastings whisky

Matt Thompson tastes the range of whisky from Penderyn :

As we at Barrels & Bottles have become the newly appointed agents for Penderyn distillery, the home of Welsh whisky I took it upon myself to try the range for myself.

After a particularly busy week at work with Andrew in one ear and Janet in the other I decided a drink was in order after work on Saturday so after we had finished our wine auction I purchased myself a gift pack of Penderyn whisky. The pack contains the Penderyn peated whisky, the sherrywood and the Madeira wood.

As a big fan of Scotch whisky and a traditionalist I wanted to dislike these whiskys but the packaging looked sharp and modern, the alcohol was a premium strength of 46% and I wanted a drink. So things where looking up.

Some of my favorite whiskys are from the west coast of Scotland this area is famous for its peated malt so I immediately dived straight into for the peated Penderyn. At this point my girl friend was looking at me in disgust as it was about 5pm on Saturday afternoon, but needs must and besides this was work.

As I poured the peated Penderyn in to my glass I noticed that bottles all say un-chill filtered a big plus point for me when choosing a bottle of Whiskey. So I was starting to think that these new Welsh boys might know a thing or two about distilling. On the nose the whisky gave a subtle hint of smokiness not like the big in your face Islay malts. This was refined. On the palate as well there was a soft smokiness, defiantly peated but not in the same style as a Scotch would be. This was a style of peated whisky I had never tasted the likes of . If you have been put off peated whiskys in the past because of the strong almost medicinal nose then I urge you to try again with this Welsh style of whisky it may just change your mind. It had just changed mine. The finish moved thorough to a green apple then almost sweet raisins with the vanilla coming from the barrels. This Whiskey is very complex yet subtle while all along giving you the feeling that the back bone of the bottle is a very well made spirit.

On to the Penderyn Madeira wood , straight away I could see the soft golden colour from the Madeira cask. On the nose I could detect toffee and caramel. On the palate tropical fruits and then again into vanilla with a sweet finish. Highly enjoyable, I was starting to question why I have not been drinking these whiskys before.

Moving on to the Penderyn sherrywood, the colour was dark and rich the nose inviting, on the palate a detected a dry subtly saltiness from the dry Oloroso cask, this moved over to give way to a to hazelnuts and again a sweet vanilla finish.

I was actually blown away by the quality, complexity and elegance of these Whiskeys, I started off my impromptu solo tasting wanting to hate these whiskys for not being Scottish but ended up embracing them for being different yet still managing to capture the true meaning of a good bottle of single malt.

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