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Stay warm this Hallowe’en with Mulled Wine

gluhwein mulled wine wine

Keep the ghouls and goblins warm this Hallowe’en and bonfire night with a hot glass of mulled wine. Simply warm the Christkindl Gluhwein gently in a pan and serve warm with parkin or toffee apples.

The spices release their aromas once warmed and the combined with the alcohol help keep cold feeling at bay leaving you to enjoy your trick-or-treating or watch the firework display.

Prices start at just £7.38 for a 1 litre glass bottle which is ready to serve from the bottle – no messy sachets to blend and mix (leaving bits floating in your glass – yuck!). As the wine is blended by expert wine makers and not left to “Uncle Dave” with a sachet the spices are subtle, balanced and harmonious with the wine and alcohol.

With bulk discounts available now is a good time to buy a case of mulled wine for bonfire night and Hallowe’en and put a few aside as a welcome drink for Christmas Day.

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