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High Definition sweet red wine from Germany

dornfelder mosel sweet red wine von schleinitz wine

You can listen to the winners of the X-Factor in High Definition on your iPod. You can watch the latest Hollywood Blockbuster on Blu-Ray in High Definition on your HD ready TV. So why settle for low definition wine?

Wine-maker Konrad Hahn pondered this very question and established a stunning new range tagged (appropriately) HighDef. It’s all about precision and purity of flavour. And there’s nothing like Dornfelder to provide exactly that: clean, rich fruit distinctly defined by the Mosel’s unique slate soil and cool microclimate.

The vintner was simply there to guide this great value from the steep slopes of the Mosel, right into your glass, leaving you a wine with the delicate fruit, crisp acidity and rich minerality that define High Definition.

The High Def sweet Dornfelder offers a rich, luscious red wine with lots of fruit and soft tannins and just enough acidity to balance the wine.

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