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Port and Cheese gift for Christmas delivery reduced

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Due to the recent snow a large event was canceled leaving us with a large quantity of Port & Cheese gifts. To ensure we are not left with these we have lopped a mighty £10.00 off the price making them just £18.95 inc VAT.

The gift comprises a 75cl Ramos Pinto Ruby Port and Swaledale Blue Cheese (min 250g) all packed into our delightful wooden gift box and lined with straw. The sweet richness of the Port perfectly suits the creamy texture of the blue cheese.

As a double bonus – each piece of Swaledale Cheese is cut by hand at the dairy often leading to much larger pieces of cheese being cut. The average weight is 300g and a few monster wedges coming in at 350g.

Further details about this special offer Port & Cheese gift

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