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International Pinot Noir tasting: October 2011

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Following a successful trip to Germany with us in September, Tim Atkin MW and Hamish Anderson were so impressed with the quality of the German Pinot Noirs they tasted, they offered to help us organise an International Pinot Noir tasting in London in 2011, which will now take place in October 2011.

The aim is to pit premium German Pinot Noirs against international-renowned Pinot Noirs of top producers from around the world, showing that German Pinot Noirs are great value and compete in terms of quality against the best Pinot Noirs in the world. The tasting will showcase a maximum of 30 Pinot Noirs: 20
wines from Germany, 10 wines coming from other regions across the world. Tim and Hamish will decide which international wines will be shown.

A pre-tasting for the German Pinot Noirs will take place in Germany in early September so the DWI in Germany will be inviting producers to submit their wines for the pre- tasting in the new year.

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