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Parrotfish wines from Olifants River in South Africa

olifants river parrotfish wines south africa wine

Parrotfish Chenin BlancThe Parrot fish brand was born in 2002 in the Olifants river on the Cape’s north-west coast, a region well known for its high quality, good value wines. When selecting the new vintage blends, Deep Blue’s team look for the best quality available to maintain the approachable, fruit driven styles. All are delivered to the UK trade in a high quality, well branded package.

The Benguela current flows up from the Antarctic bringing cool air to the west coast vineyards of the Olifants river Valley, making this region a cooler climate one in South African viticultural terms. With nearly 10% of the country’s total vineyard holdings, Olifants has a wide selection of soil types and aspects, and the region’s growers are very experienced across a large range of grape varieties.

Building on the success of the original two blends, the Parrotfish shoal has increased in size this year with the addition of South Africa’s signature varieties, Chenin Blanc and Pinotage, and to show the Parrotfish’s vibrant colouring to best effect, the wines have also been given a new label from the 2009 vintage release.

Parrotfish Chenin Blanc
Parrotfish Colombard Chardonnay
Parrotfish Pinotage
Parrotfish Cabernet Merlot

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