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Csanyi Pinceszet Villany premium red wines from Hungary

csanyi piceszet hungary teleki wine

Teleki Merlot HungaryThe beginnings : The archaeological explorations prove the existence of viticulture in the region during the Roman times. There is also evidence found that even the Celts were engaged in wine-growing but it was originally introduced by the Greeks. In the centuries after the Hungarian Conquest in 896 AD, the Hungarian viticulture and wine-growing prospered for several hundreds of years. After the 150-year long Turkish occupation, the Serbs arriving in Hungary introduced the Kadarka variety, and the Germans, arriving later, brought with them the Kékoportó and the Kékfrankos grapes along with their advanced agricultural knowledge and work disciplines, giving new impetus to the wine-growing in Villány. In the 19th century, the professional and modern agricultural methods practised on the lands of the squire families of Savoyai, Albrecht, Batthyányi and later Montenuovo, perfected wine-growing in this region. Due to this, Villány became a world-famous wine-growing area by the 1870’s. The wines produced here were consumed with great pleasure throughout Europe and the Americas.

Zsigmond Teleki : was the founder of the predecessor of Csányi Winery, the Chateau Teleki Winery in 1881. The name of Teleki, a supplier to the Imperial and Royal Court of Vienna, became world-famous by finding disease resistant varieties during the philoxeria epidemic that swept through Europe. The philoxeria or grape-louse caused enormous damage to the vines in the last third of the 19th century throughout Europe but its real antidote was not found for a while. Zsigmond Teleki was the first to identify certain varieties which proved to be resistant to this pest even in limestone soil, through experimentation in his own plantations.

His sons, Andor and Sándor, continued his work. Thanks to their innovative efforts, the dream of winegrowers was realized, this serious pestilence was overcome. Later on, the Chateau Teleki Winery gained distinction not only in the field of viticulture and the production of grafts but in the training and education of winegrowers as well.

The vineyards : methods of viticulture significantly affect the harvested grapes, hence the quality of the wine. Excellent wines can only be produced from healthy and carefully grown grapes. The vineyards of Csányi Winery are located on the best slopes of the Villány wine region. The most important ones are Kopár, Csillagvölgy and Hársos. Our total growing area exceeds 340 hectares. In order to achieve the best quality wine possible, we only use – even during the continuous plantation process -, such methods and technology which take the advantageous soil and climate conditions into consideration. We determine the quantity of the vine by considering all the relevant conditions of the area, the climate and the grapes, and practice the quality improving effects of yield limitation.

Teleki Cabernet Franc
Teleki Cabernet Merlot
Teleki Cabernet Sauvignon
Teleki Merlot
Csanyi Pinceszet Zweigelt

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