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Miss Molly wines by Moreson from South Africa – a great new find.

miss molly moreson south africa wine

Recent visitors to the shop will have found Matt enthusing over our latest discovery of the Miss Molly range of wines by Moreson in South Africa. Named after the winemakers Weimaraner – the loveable rogue of a dog is such a character she deserved her own range of wines. These are some of the best drinking wines we have discovered in a long, long time. A recent wine club tasting featuring the wines from Moreson saw everyone delighted by their fruit-driven character and balanced finish.

The 3 wines in the range include:

Miss Molly Kitchen ThiefMiss Molly Kitchen Thief Sauvignon Blanc : £8.93

Miss Molly is the Môreson Robin Hood. When no one is looking she redistributes food, from the kitchen counter, to where it’s needed most.

Miss Molly loves to share and she’s as free with her love as she is with our groceries. An easygoing, loveable rascal with heart-melting mannerisms that ensure she gets away with just about everything.

Kitchen Thief is a wine designed to do what Miss Molly does best – share with friends.

Tasting Note:
The Miss Molly Kitchen Thief Sauvignon Blanc has undertones of sweet guava tropical fruit and granny smith apple.

It is rich, dry style of Sauvignon Blanc that has characteristics of both cooler and warmer climates. The cooler climate characteristics enhance the natural acidity and green flavours while the warmer climate characteristics contribute to its fresher tropical fruit style.

Miss Molly In my BedMiss Molly in My Bed : £8.93

Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot

Miss Molly, the captivating Môreson Weimaraner, doesn’t do mornings. Her late night social schedule ensures that, by sunup, she’s ready for bed. After Miss Molly’s breakfast is served, and devoured, she loves to climb (uninvited) into whichever bed is available. When left unchecked Miss Molly has been known to disappear, under the duvet, until mid-morning. Even Miss Molly needs her beauty sleep. In My Bed is a wine designed to be two of Miss Molly’s favourite things – comfortable and easy going.

Miss Molly In My Bed Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot displays upfront smoky cedar with undertones of dark cassis fruit, these are offset by distinct blueberry richness.

The Miss Molly In My Bed Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot has smoky flavours that roll easily onto the palate. Its lingering dark fruit serves as a delicious take-another-sip reminder. This is a wine designed to drink young and its smooth palate, with its evenly balanced tannins, makes this incredibly easy to do.

Miss Molly Hoity ToityMiss Molly Hoity Toity : £8.93

Chenin Blanc – Viognier

During the afternoon Miss Molly is most often found sunning herself in our finest leather wingback chair. Here she devotes her time to relaxing – receiving visitors, love and adoration at her leisure. Hoity Toity is designed to capture the taste of our beloved Miss Molly’s lazy, sun-filled afternoons.

Tasting Notes:
Miss Molly Hoity Toity has undertones of fresh pineapple infused with layers of white peach. This combination creates a delicate and balanced aroma. Miss Molly Hoity Toity is characterised by its fresh, full and creamy palate. The five month barrel-matured Viognier component ensures that it is well received on the mid-palate.

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