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Lutzville Vineyards new partnership with Simonsvlei

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Recently, Lutzville Vineyards has undergone some key changes and has now formed a working partnership with Simonsvlei. This means that we will now have access to storage and bottling facilities closer to the port of Cape Town. Due to the new working partnership, there have been unavoidable disruptions to supply as we integrated our new systems. This has resulted in production delays, which we understand have caused stock shortages to you. We apologise for this and rest assured that we will be back to normal levels of excellent service and supply to the UK by the middle of May.

A pivotal part of this partnership is that the Lutzville wines will continue to be sourced exclusively from the Lutzville Valley, produced under Gideon Theron and most importantly, retain the unique West Coast characteristics that make Lutzville such a special brand.

New Packaging
The Lutzville wines will adopt a bottle that is 20% lighter than the current one. This is a move towards greener practices, which will also include lighter cartons, no dividers and lower carbon emissions from transporting lighter wines. The same delicious West Coast wines in environmentally friendly packaging!

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