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Coghlans save the day with replacement giant Easter egg for charity fundrasier

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We thought we would share the story of an Easter egg disaster averted by Coghlans :

“On 23rd April my husband and I hosted an annual ball for our charity – The Annabelle Rose Foundation for Spinal Muscular Atrophy. With it being Easter weekend it was only natural that was the theme for the evening. We searched for weeks to find someone that woule make us the biggest most amazing egg anyone would have seen – and then we came across Coghlans. They assured us they could so something big and wonderful and we trusted them!

“We collected the egg the week before the ball and it was even better than we had imagined – we had never seen so much chocolate! It would certainly be the talking point of the ball. Perhaps not for the right reasons…. the day after we had collected the egg we checked it at 11.00am and it had a giant hole in the side! We had left it in the shed thinking that would be the coolest place – how wrong we were.

“We were then in a state of panic and with it being a Sunday we were unable to contact anyone at Coghlans for advice. The following morning everyone was frantic and trying desperately to come up with a solution to ‘save the egg’ … I then said i would take it to an ex chocolatier in London as we thought he could fix it.

“This involved my dad and me taking the egg in the pram on the train to London! It was so big it was impossible to transport any other way. We didnt think at this point it could get any worse – that was until we saw the ‘repair’ job. It was actually possible to look worse than it already had. So Tuesday morning I called Coghlans and they said the only option left was to make a new egg.

“At such short notice and so close to easter this was a major effort on their part involving extra staff being brought in for 2 days to complete the job. We then had to send someone on the 8 hour round trip to collect the egg Saturday morning – the day of the ball. To say we were over the moon with the replacement egg and its safe arrival at the venue was an understatement! I didnt think it was possible to have been any better than the first egg, but it was infact far more beautifully finished so we were extremely happy.

“On the night of the ball we raffled the eggs as ‘The Good and The Bad Egg’ which made for a great story for everyone. The raffle for the egg alone raised £1000 and it was actually my nan that won the ‘Bad Egg’ and decided to add it to the auction which made it go on to raise a further £250! The night was a huge success with a total of £13,000 being raised which will all go to help sufferers of Spinal Muscular Atrophy and their families.

“We were be eternally grateful to Coghlans for their hard work and the way they rallied around us to help us out of a very ‘messy’ situation.”

Annabelle Rose Foundation

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