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Summer wine tasting events announced.

Tastings wine tastings

3 new diary dates for wine tastings have just been announced :

15th June : Champagne, Salmon & Strawberries : £24.50
Get ready for Wimbledon and summer with our quintessentially British tasting of Champagne & Sparkling wines, wild salmon and finest strawberries.

13th July : Age before Beauty : £15.00
Join Andrew Coghlan with his life times experience of wines. Find out the answers to the questions, why do we age wine? What effect does it have on the wine? How and where do I store my wine? Which wines can I lay down and how long for? Taste the difference between young and aged wine along with vintage variation.

Taste what happens when you leave it to long! If you are looking to increase your knowledge of wine or start collecting a few bottles this tasting is a must.

17th August : Riedel : £15.00
Undoubtedly the finest producers of wine glasses without exception. Discover the difference a scientifically designed glass makes to different styles of wine – if you can think of a drink there is a Riedel glass specially designed to enhance and get the best from it.

Book online or call Matt Thompson on 01246 453399

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