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A very exclusive invitation for Coghlans

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Its not very often that a business in the North of England receives an invitation to guest at the Savoy Hotel in London but for Coghlans Cookery School of Sheepbridge Chesterfield, they are preparing for one of the biggest nights of their culinary lives when they prepare the dessert and Chocolate Birthday cake for Virginia McKenna’s 80th Birthday party this Friday, 17th June 2011.

Virginia is a huge supporter of Coghlans. Since she met with Janet Coghlan a couple of years ago, a survivor of a mauling by a Bengal Tiger, the two really hit it off from day one and jointly launching Janet’s Tiger J brand of Chocolate Truffles and Grab Bags. These sell nationally and raise money for Virginia’s Born Free Foundation, from which Coghlans have so far raised over £5000 through product sale, sponsorhip and charitable auctions.

On Friday Janet will travel to London with Coghlan’s head Chef Simon Lilley and supported by husband Andrew Coghlan for a £300 per head fund raising dinner to celebrate Virginia’s new Octagenarian status. With them will be a huge Chocolate cake complete with solid chocolate centrepiece, backed up with a further 12 Chocolate and Raspberry Ganache glazed cakes, enough to feed around 375 guests. All of which will be finished with delicate chocolate work to the top and finishing touches added by Pattissiers at the Savoy Hotel.

Arrangements are being made to carry the huge 80th Birthday cake into the Ballroom to present to Virginia on the evening, which is anticipated to raise in excess of £100,000 for the Born Free Foundation’s ongoing work. The evening will be a return to the Savoy for Head Chef Lilley who spent part of his formative years in the Savoy kitchen, whilst head of School Janet is welcoming the chance to showcase Coghlan’s talents to a wider audience.

“Both myself and Simon have spent our lives both cooking and teaching people the art of cooking and I am passionate about what we do. This is a fantastic opportunity to show the great and the good of London and the South what we have to offer and I personally am hoping that our contribution will make a difference for Born Free, a charity that I care deeply about. We are also very proud that we will be serving as guests chefs a dessert for such a prestigious function at one of the Country’s most respected Hotels”

Guests will also receive a Tiger J grab bag of Chocolate Truffles, Chocolate Honeycomb or dark Chocolate Ginger at their place as the Wildlife themed event goes Chocoholic for the night.

Pictures of the event to follow

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