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2011 harvest better than expected in Argentina

2011 harvest argentina wine

A report published this week by Wines of Argentina revealed that 2011 harvest has been developed better than expected, regarding both quality and volume. The well-known winemakers Roberto de la Mota, Rodolfo Griguol, Gerardo Danitz and Edgardo del Popolo collaborated on this report.

Some of the most famous agronomists and winemakers of Argentina emphasized the quality of the 2011 harvest. Firstly, despite the growing season suffered some problems regarding climate conditions, like early or late frosts registered in several regions, the 2011 harvest resulted 10% over 2010 crop in terms of the national grape volume: 2.88 million of tons in contrast to 2.6 million of tons. Compared the yield of this year with the average, it can be observed that in 2011, Argentina has exceeded by 6% the average volume of 2.7 million of tons of the last 5 years (2007-2011).

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