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Cookery demonstration & lunch with Michelin star chef Neil Jewell

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Join us for an extra event. Guest Chef Neil Jewell from South Africa’s world renowned Michelin starred restaurant Bread & Wine will be here for a unique 1 off cookery class followed by lunch and evening dinner.

Neil is known as the Charcuterie Guru and also has a love of rustic foods that explode with flavour.

Neil’s restaurant Bread & Wine is located on the Moreson wine estate . Some of you will already be familiar with Moreson wines as we have recently hosted a wine maker’s dinner. For those who are not we will be tasting these wines with Neil’s menu. The Moreson wines have fast become some of my personal favourites and coupled with an extraordinary menu I can only urge you not to miss out.

The cookery demonstration and class will include:

  • Breaking down of a pig carcass by Neil
  • Neil demonstrates how to create blood sausage, mortedella & saussison sec
  • Neil introduces & discusses the nuances of dry curing, brining, rilette, confit and base ingredients
  • Participants to create own sausages
  • Neil demonstrates how to build an indoor smoker
  • Opportunity to raise any questions regarding the art of charcuterie that have not yet been covered.
  • Two course lunch

A separate evening wine dinner featuring food by Neill Jewell and Dane Friedman of Moreson Vineyards, South Africa.

Further details on the evening event
To book either of the events with Neil Jewell

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