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Master of Malt announce sherry-infused whisky: Proprietary Barley Spirit Drink

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After launching the incredibly popular Bathtub Gin, Master of Malt is proud to announce the release of Professor Cornelius Ampleforth’s second product: Proprietary Barley Spirit Drink. The drink is based on a centuries-old technique of treating whisky casks with “Paxarette”, a rich, syrupy flavouring which originated from the Spanish town of Pajarete, and is made by boiling down grape juice and sherry.

Proprietary Barley Spirit Drink takes this idea, and goes one step further, reducing deliciously sweet Pedro Ximenez dessert sherry until it resembles black treacle, and then mixing it with the finest 10 year old, sherry cask matured Speyside single malt whisky. The result is the ultimate Winter drink: an unctuously sweet, syrupy concoction that is rather reminiscent of Christmas Pudding, laden with brandy butter!

Tasting Notes

Nose: Immense sherry tones on the nose, coupled with juicy, sticky prunes and muscovado sugar. Hints of nutmeg, toffee brittle, with astoundingly creamy notes of Christmas Pudding, laden with brandy butter.

Palate: Sweet, creamy and incredibly juicy. Those Christmas Pudding flavours are so evocative. The palate is chewy and thick, coasting the tongue with oily toffee and molasses. Cinnamon, dates and golden syrup.

Finish: Spicy and warming, notes of sweet espresso coffee and dessert sherry. Suggestions of rose petal jelly, allspice and baklava.

About Professor Cornelius Ampleforth

- An enigmatic, perhaps fictitious mad-professor-type who creates incredible drinks using old-fashioned techniques and methods

- All bottles packaged in beautiful brown-paper-wrapped bottles, wax-dipped and wound with flax twine.

Each bottle features a stunning Victorian-apothecary-inspired print flaunting the delicious ingredients within

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