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Domaine Saint Luc Cuvee Emiliane

coteaux du tricastin domaine saint luc red wine rhone wine

We are pleased to announced the new listing of 2006 Domain Saint Luc “Cuvée Emiliane”, Coteaux du Tricastin AC.

Following the grape harvest, the grapes are prepared for crushing. To avoid hard tannins getting into the wines, the grapes are de-stalked, and any debris is removed. Once this is completed, the traditional wine-making procedures can begin.

For the red wine, the fermentation – a crucial step – takes place after eight to 20 days of settling. It is only by experienced tasting that the right moment can be chosen for this step to begin. For the white and rosé wines, the grapes are crushed on arrival at the winery; the grape must is then kept at a low temperature to preserve all the subtle flavours.

The wine is then stored in barrels to age, to mature, and, by doing so, give to the wine the delicate flavours and tastes of the soil and grape. The time allowed for ageing will depend on the particular needs and characteristics of each wine.

Domaine Saint Luc Cuvée Emiliane is price at £9.90 per bottle and is available to buy in-store or online

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