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Domaine Bernard Defaix Petit Chablis now available at Barrels & Bottles

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We are pleased to announce the arrival of the petit Chablis from Bernard Defaix.

The Petit Chablis is produced from 100% Chardonnay grapes grown on the flatter slopes and is characterised by it’s freshness. Only a small amount of the Bernard Defaix Petit Chablis is produced each year and is bottled 8 months after harvest to help retain the fresh vivacity for which it is renowned. Since 2004 the wines have been produced organically to bring out the true expression of the terroir and the skills of the winemakers.

Bernard Defaix, fourth generation of a family of vine-growers, started in 1959 with 2 hectares. At about this time, the first techniques for protecting vineyards from spring frosts were discovered. Over the years, Bernard and his wife Monique have acquired new land. Their efforts duly enriched the domain, which now included some of the best named places of the Chablis region. Today, true to the family tradition, the domain is run by Sylvain and Didier. Bernard nevertheless continues to provide his expert advice to his two sons.

The first step to successful winemaking begins in the vineyard itself. The training of the vines on organic farming with a very rigorous follow-up enables the grapes to reach their peak level of maturity and expression.

Available both in our Chesterfield store or you can order Bernard Defaix Petit Chablis online, both for £12.89

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