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Chateau Falfas wines from Cotes de Bourg now available in the UK

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An american in Bordeaux

In the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, this handsome estate belonged to the Lords of Lansac, ancient nobility of the sword, swearing allegiance to the English crown.

At that time, the wines of Falfas were exported with privilege to the courts of the Edwards. Later, in the seventeenth century, the domain was acquired by the Sires de Riveaux to whom we owe the pure Louis XIII architecture of the present building.
At the end of the seventeenth century, the property came into the possession of the family of the President of the Parliament of Guyenne, Gaillard de Falfas, who restored the chateau and gave it its name.

Today the present owners and winemakers, John and Véronique Cochran, build upon the traditions of the past to maintain the historic reputation and prestige of Chateau Falfas.


An american in Bordeaux


The 20 hectares (50 acres) of vineyard extend over the hillsides sloping to the South around the Chateau, less than half a mile from the river in this beautiful,rolling region known as the "little Switzerland of the Gironde".
Merlot (55 %), Cabernet (40 %) and Cot (5 %), the noble growths of Bordeaux, sink their roots deeply and profoundly in soils predominantly of gravel, clay and limestone. This terroir, where vines have been cultivated for more than 700 years, rests on mother rock of limestone asterie (maritime), long recognized as one of the most suitable for grape growing.

Thus, in the temperate climate of the Gironde estuary, the vines and their lush fruit reach full maturity under virtually ideal conditions.
In the tradition of all the great vineyards of France, limited yields and a rigorous selection of the harvested grapes are standard elements at Falfas. Vinified from these rich, healthy grapes, with nothing extraneous added, the wines of Falfas are a pure reflection of the complex soils and subsoils of its great terroir. A manual harvest at peak maturity, followed by long and careful vinification and aging in barrels of French oak, insure wines of the highest quality with excellent maturation and conservation in-bottle over many years.

The Cochran’s philosophy is simple : the best wines are not "made" but rather "grown". The art of the winemaker consists in allowing the richness of his vinyard to express itself naturally through its fruits. They have thus chosen Biodynamic agriculture which permits them to extract the very essence of the fruit – and nothing but the fruit – to produce a wine of authentic character, rich and generous, a true pleasure to be shared.



Since the end of 1988, the vineyard of Falfas has been cultivated in Biodynamics, a method of agriculture which safeguards the environment by respecting vine, nature…and the consumer !

In accordance with detailed regulations promulgated by France and the European Union and subject to frequent scrutiny and certification by independant controllers (Ecocert and Biodyvin), no synthetic chemical products of any kind are used, be they chemical fungicides, herbicides, insecticides or synthetic fertilizers.

At Falfas, the land is maintained, worked and cultivated naturally, in harmony with the seasons, the biology of the soils and their environment.



We have 2 wines from the Chateau Falfas estate which are available to buy online or in-store at Barrels & Bottles :

Chateau Falfas 2008 : £14.45

Les Demoiselles de Falfas 2010 : £13.00

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