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Glen Grant 60 Years old Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee (1952-2012)

glen grant glen grant 60 year old whisky queen elizabeth diamond jubilee Spirits whisky

glen-grant-60-years-old-queen-elizabeth-ii-diamond-jubilee-1952-2012Bottled on 2nd February 2012, and distilled on 2nd February 1952, this whisky has matured in a Sherry cask for a full 60 years, making it one of the oldest whiskies ever released for sale. The whisky has been bottled by legendary Scottish Bottlers Gordon and Macphail.

The whisky is packaged in a beautiful handmade decanter, individually numbered (only 85 decanters are available worldwide), and is sure to become a collector’s item almost immediately.

Master of Malt have compiled tasting notes for the whisky, which read as follows:

Nose: Rich malt, an apple-y freshness which belies its age. A good hit of really decent honey is followed on the tail by cinnamon and allspice.

Palate: Initially slightly mineralic – reminiscent of a well-aged Riesling, as the honey from the nose powers through again. The freshness from the nose is still here – an absolutely magnificently juicy dram. Freshly-picked cherries join the apple, but there’s no hint of them having been stewed, these are fresh as a daisy.

Finish: The official tasting notes for this make mention of the fact that this whisky bitters out towards the end. I don’t get that at all. The freshness powers through, bringing still more of that tangy, sweet goodness with it. The spices make themselves more known towards the death, with the Cinnamon and Allspice being joined by just a touch of the Clove.

Overall: An absolutely magnificent whisky. As with previous ‘very well aged’ G&M bottlings, the surprise is how incredibly fresh and juicy it has remained. Were a dram of this presented to ‘her-for-whom-it-was-bottled’, we’d like to think she’d get on with it very well. Kudos, G&M.

You can buy a bottle of Glen Grant 60 Years old Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee (1952-2012) for £7995 here:

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