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Vintage report from Domaine Bourdic

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Come summer it was already quite obvious that the 2012 grape harvest would be later than last year. The first trials which we did at the beginning of August confirmed the delay. At the end of August we had the most tremendously strong north winds (more than 80kms an hour) and very high temperatures both of which speeded up the ripening process and concentrated the grape juice. So we actually started the grape harvest on the fourth of September with the Tempranillo grapes.

Immediately afterwards, all the other varieties were ready at the same time; what normally would take us
four weeks to pick, we had to do in the space of eleven days. So we were under incredible pressure. Hans worked virtually day and night in the cellar.

The vinification process proved to be equally more difficult than usual; all the parameters of the must – the sugar, the acidity, the anthocyanins and the tannins were very concentrated which complicated the
fermentation process of the juice. Because of the strength of the anthocyanins which forced us to only use the first juices of the Cinsault, we were only able to make a small quantity of rosé.

If everything goes alright from now onwards, the 2012 vintage is nevertheless very promising even if the quantity will be less than last year.

Best wishes
Christa Vogel and Hans Hürlimann

Domaine Bourdic

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