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Gerard Holden converts the faithful

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It is safe to say our regular wine club attendees know their stuff. From boutique wineries in California to hand-picked Eiswein from the terraced slopes of the Mosel Valley. So it can be with some trepidation when a new range of wines is put before them.

Stepping up to the mark was Gerard Holden, owner of the Holden Manz winery at Franschhoek, South Africa. Hailing from Bolton, more famous for it’s pies than wine, Gerard fell in love with the beautiful farm estate and started his journey in making wines.

The evening started with their Modern Range Rosé (resplendent with perforated label) and then to the barrel-fermented Chardonnay which sat beautifully alongside a lovely piece of seabream.

The Vernissage also from their Modern Range is a blend crafted from Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz which proved to be very smooth and set up the belly Pork main course to a treat.

The big reds rounded off the evening with the Merlot and Big G (named after Gerard himself – well you would if you own the winery). At 14.9% the Merlot was bold and stood up to the fruit acidity of the passion fruit and orange delicé.

The wines went down a storm. Modern wines made with care and presented by someone who clearly lives to make wine for others to appreciate and enjoy. The range passed the acid-test and will be appearing on our shelves shortly.

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