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Bethany Old Quarry Fronti Wine from Australia

australia bethany old quarry fronti port wine


Bethany’s unique Old Quarry Fronti is made from Muscadelle; Muscat a Petit Grains and Pedro Ximenez grapes grown on some of the oldest vines at our Homestead vineyard, harvested late in the season to achieve maximum flavour and intensity, then fortified with premium quality brandy spirit and aged for an average of eight years in an old oak cask solera.

The finished wine displays a beautiful golden, amber colour and a bouquet and palate of caramelised fruit with nuances of orange marmalade.

The grapes are sourced from Bethany’s Homestead Vineyards in Bethany and are some of the oldest vines on the estate. The Barossa was well known in earlier years for its fortified wines and the older plantings reflect their popularity in that era.

The vines are trained on a single wire, hand pruned in the winter and the grapes are harvested late in the season as the vine’s leaves are turning their autumn colours. Due to their age, the vines are very low yielding and this adds to the intensity of flavours.

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