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Le Clivie Prosecco

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The Le Clivie Extra Dry sparkling Prosecco from Italy is now back i stock ready for the Spring and Summer days ahead.

Prosecco has made a stunning comeback after a few years out in the wilderness. It lost its crown for being the go to alternative for Champagne to Spanish Cava for several years. But we have seen a swing in fortunes over the past 12 months with more and more people asking for Prosecco by name compared to Cava.

We put this down to the slightly lighter and more approachable style. As with Italian Pinot Grigio, Prosecco makes a perfect lunchtime treat when shared with a group of friends or makes the perfect base when mixed with Framboise or Cassis as toast or reception drink.

Le Clivie Prosecco is old-school with a traditional heavy glass bottle, cork closure and wire cage to keep in all the exuberant bubbles just waiting to get out and join the party.

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