Wine tasting evening at Barrels & Bottles in Chesterfield

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2015 wine tasting events in Chesterfield

The Barrels & Bottles wine tasting programme has been operating for over 30 years. With an extensive portfolio and expert knowledge we guarantee and enjoyable and informative wine tasting evening at our tasting rooms in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

We operate a no fuss, no nonsense style of wine tasting where everyone is welcome to come along and try wines, whatever your level of wine knowledge. We pride ourselves on having a fun, snob free wine tasting group.

Please note all wine tasting events will take place at our premises at Sheepbridge.


The Barrels & Bottles Wine Tasting Philosophy

The Barrels and Bottles wine tasting programme has been active for over 30 years. We operate a no fuss, no nonsense style of wine tasting where everyone is welcome to come along and try wines, whatever your level of wine knowledge. We pride ourselves on having a fun, snob free wine tasting group.

Organised wine tastings are usually held on a monthly basis starting at 7.00pm at our showroom premises at Sheepbridge, Chesterfield.

Vintner visits, vineyard tours, quiz nights and guest speakers make the Barrels and Bottles wine tasting evenings very popular, fun and informative. You get to try the wines with proper tasting measures and learn about the wine, its makers, the styles and what the recognised tastes and bouquets are. Informing you about the wine without lecturing at the same time.

Unlike some wine tasting groups, we do not operate a pressure selling campaign throughout the evening. We do offer substantial discounts and offers on the night and we let the wine sell itself. If you do not want to buy anything at the end of the night you are under no obligations whatsoever.

The calendar runs from January through to December. New wine tasting details are released early in the new year with regular updates throughout the following months. Wine tastings are usually hosted by BBC Radio's Andrew Coghlan who has many years of experience in the wine trade and is always ready to answer questions from the floor.


Private Events

The event can be as serious or as light-hearted as you want...the choice is yours. Private wine tastings are great for social groups, wine circles, alternative nights out and entertaining staff and customers.

We can accommodate up to about 40 people at our premises .. with a minimum of 16 people. Events can be arranged at other venues by arrangement but these will incur a surcharge to cover travelling, set-up etc.

With over 600 wines to choose from we can tailor a tasting to suit your group and requirements. From a general tasting looking at different grapes, styles and wine producing countries to more specialised tastings including Champagne, Port, vertical tastings, grape varieties etc.

A common choice is to incorporate a light-hearted quiz into the evening with prizes available for the team with the highest score. The quiz is easy going with many general knowledge questions and work very well with a general style of tasting. Good fun is usually had by everyone.

As hoteliers we can also provide you with a food option. French bread is provided as standard but we can add everything from nibbles right through to lobster and salmon platters if required. Prices start at £12.50 per person for a standard in-house tasting of 8 fine wines, mineral water, bread and all tasting fees etc. We are totally flexible in what we provide, so if you have a specific budget or theme you wish to take then simply let us know and we will create the event for you. Events generally take from 2 to 2.5 hours.

Due to the licensing requirements we do need notice to apply for magistrates licensing etc. Dates are offered subject to availability and are available Tuesday to Friday and run from January to October.

The Independent

The Independent

Thirst for knowledge means it's a good year for Britain's wine clubs.

Britons are drinking more and more wine but we do not just want to drink it, we want to talk about it too. Wine clubs and societies across the country are experiencing a rise in membership as drinkers seek to learn more about the wines. Britain has experienced a wine boom in the past decade as beer falls out of favour. Wine sales rose by 23 per cent between 1999 and 2004, and we now consume more than one billion bottles a year.

But while there is a bank of established knowledge about wine in producer countries such as France, British wine-drinkers generally have little knowledge of viniculture. But more want to learn and there is a rising number of wine-lovers who meet in pubs, at village halls and even in universities to discuss the merits of grape and region and to distinguish their burgundies from their beaujolais.

Commercial wine clubs, which sell mixed cases of selected red or white wines by post, have experienced greater interest too, as have the wine experts who run appreciation evening classes. In Britain, there are about 110 formal wine societies which concentrate on talk and taste rather than trade, with names such as Barrels & Bottles in Sheffield, Ilkley Chevaliers, and East Grinstead Wine Appreciation Society.