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Olmeca Tezon Reposado Tequila

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Olmeca Tezon Reposado Tequila

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Ultra premium Tezon is the only 100% Agave, 100% Tahona Tequila currently on the export market. Its exclusivity is sustained by a carefully controlled production, with each bottle numbered by hand and bearing the signature of Master Distiller Jesus Hernandez.

Olmeca Tezon Reposado Tequila is your ultimate drinking experience. A luxurious, rich Tequila that is produced in a traditional manner, for the contemporary consumer.

Aroma : Mandarin and lime notes with a detection of sea salt and a woody finish

Taste : Spiciness with a vanilla richness, grapefruit and orange flavours with a sweet smoky tail

Age : aged for 8-10 months in white American oak ex-Bourbon casks
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Product ref : SPD006
Origin : Mexico

Genre : Tequila

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Olmeca Tequila

The picturesque Los Altos is situated 2104 metres above sea level and is known for its mineral rich volcanic "Tierra Roja", which is complemented by a unique microclimate. These combined factors contribute to the cultivation of the highest quality blue agave used by Olmeca Tequila.

At the peak of maturity after 7-8 years of growth, the blue Agave plants used to produce Olmeca Tequila are harvested by a team of "jimadores". Using skills pass down from generations, the jimadores chop away the leaves to reveal the "pina" at the heart of the Agave, also removing the bitter tasting "cogollos" to produce the best possible flavour. Whilst this practice scrifies yield, it makes for the highest quality, bona fide Tequila.

Olmeca Tequila sacrifices efficiency for authenticity by using traditional brick ovens to slow cook the pinas, bringing out the naturally sweet, fruity and herbal Agave notes.

Tahona liquid is produced using the 500 year old Tahona methodof crushing the cooked pinas with a 2-tonne volcanic millstone to draw out the sweet juice and syrup from the fibres. Uniquely, Tahona liquid features in all Olmeca Tequilas to varying degrees with Olmeca Tezon being 100% Tahona.

Once the natural sweet Agave flavours have been drawn out by the Tahona, Olmeca Tequila continues to invest time and effort into the entire production process by using only cultivated yeasts in place of wild or commercial yeast that is often used by competitors. With Olmeca mixto, fine quality cane sugar is also blended with the resulting Tequila containing more that the minimum required 51% Agave, whilst Omeca Altos and tezon contain 100% Agave.

Olmeca Tequilas dedication to tradition and quality is further demonstrated by the use of small copper stills in place of distillation columns, resulting in a very smooth, expert Tequila.


Olmeca Tequila Cocktails

All these cocktails are based on Olmeca Tezon Tequila

Twisted Tezon
50ml Olmeca Tezon Blanco
1 lemon peel (or orange)

Tequila Martinez
50ml Olmeca Tezon Blanco
15ml Sweet Vermouth
5ml Maraschino liqueur
2 dashes orange bitters
Orange zest garnish

Stir and strain

Tequila Con Verdita
50ml Olmeca Tezon Blanco
500ml Pineapple juice
2-3 green chillies
2-3 mint stems
2-3 coriander stems
1 pinch sea salt

Blend together and sieve into storing container

50ml Olmeca Tezon Reposado
1 slice of orange
Tennis ball size of ice

LA Raza
50ml Olmeca Tezon Reposa
20ml fresh pink grapefruit juice
15ml Campari
5ml Agave syrup (or honey)

Grapefruit zest garnish

Shake and double strain

50ml Olmeca Tezon Anejo
Dark chocolate on the side