Wine Tasting Glasses - ISO standard shape and design

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ISO Tasting Glasses - taste your wines with confidence

Wine, Champagne and Port should ALWAYS be served from the correct glass to reveal the delicate nuances and characteristics each has to offer. Our ISO wine tasting glasses are specifically designed to be used across a wide spectrum of wine styles - allowing you to sample all wines using just the one glass.

The perfect clear bowl allows the true colour to shine through, the long stems prevent your hand warming the wine and the tapered tops help concentrate the aromas. Our ISO tasting glasses are crafted by Luigi Bormioli as part of his Light & Music collection.

ISO Tasting Glass - 21.5cl

(for 4 or fewer)
Price : 21.00  inc VAT 

(for 5 to 9)
Price : 19.20  inc VAT 

(for 10 to 29)
Price : 18.60  inc VAT 

(for 30 or more)
Price : 16.80  inc VAT 


ISO Wine Tasting Glass - Event Quality - 23cl
Price : 15.60  inc VAT 


ISO Tasting Glass - 31cl
Price : 29.22  inc VAT 


ISO Tasting Glass - 41cl
Price : 45.06  inc VAT 


Tasting Glass Holder
Price : 6.23  inc VAT 


ISO - the standard for glasses

The technical description of an ISO wine tasting glasses is beautifully descriptive :

"The tasting glass consists of a cup (an "elongated egg") supported by a stem resting on a base. The opening of the cup is narrower than the convex part so as to concentrate the bouquet. Further are given physical, dimensional and special characteristics. An annex comprises recommendations for use." ISO page on Wine Tasting Glasses