Rattling boards to present Champagne capsule tops

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Champagne Top Rattling Boards

Price : 41.23
Champagne Top Rattling Boards

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What better way to remember your favourite champagnes and recall the occasion than our wall mounted, custom made rattling board?

Our wooden rattling board enables you to display 60 of your favourite champagne tops. Velvet-lined to present your champagne tops at their best with hinged lid and glass display window. A superb gift for champagne lovers and collectors alike.

Champagne tops are not included.

Rattling boards are also known as Plaques de muselets et caspsule de champagne

Dimension : 375 x 260 x 30mm
Display : 60 champagne caps

Price : 41.23  inc VAT 


Product ref : SAUK5865
Genre : Accessory

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